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Roofing LeaksA young woman called us about a roof repair.

The family could not afford thousands of dollars for a new roof and just wanted to see if we could stop the leaks from damaging their home's ceiling and wood structure. 

We went and looked at the home and found evidence of storm damage. We called in the claim for her and met with the insurance adjuster. Instead of paying us $500 to patch an old roof she paid her $500 deductible and got a brand-new roof due to the storm damage that the roof had sustained. 

The insurance company cannot raise her rates or cancel her insurance due to the fact that storm damage is always a no-fault claim.

Why Do Our Insurance Clients Love Us?

We are insurance claims experts.

We know how insurance works and we make sure that our clients are taken care of. 

Thinking of trying to handle a roofing insurance claim yourself? Less than 10% of roof claims are completely covered when the homeowner deals with the insurance company on their own. Over 70% of roofs are covered by insurance when we handle it for you. 

We are the professionals. We make sure that insurance meets its obligations and pays to cover storm damage. Most homeowners do not even know what storm damage looks like, but it can shorten the life of your roof by many years. 

Call us for a free roof inspection. If we find wind or hail damage, we will help you through the claims process. As a matter of fact, the hardest thing you will need to do is pick out a color.