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composite shake roofing

Using composite shake shingles will give your home a beautiful natural looking roof with a lot of character. These shingles offer the realistic look of cedar shake wood shingles but with long lasting durability. They are designed to emulate hand spilt heavy natural cedar shakes, are weather resistant and come in a variety of colors and widths.  

When it comes to achieving a picturesque and natural aesthetic for your home's roof, composite shake shingles emerge as a compelling choice, seamlessly blending beauty with durability. These shingles provide a stunning and authentic appearance reminiscent of cedar shake wood shingles, yet they offer extended longevity and resilience.

Benefits of Composite Shake Roofs

Mimic Cedar Shakes

One of the primary advantages of composite shake shingles lies in their ability to mimic the look of hand-split heavy natural cedar shakes. This attention to detail ensures that your roof exudes the timeless charm and character associated with traditional wood shingles. The texture and grain patterns carefully crafted into each composite shake contribute to a roof that not only looks natural but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to your home.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, composite shake shingles are celebrated for their enduring durability. Unlike natural wood, these shingles are engineered to withstand the harsh effects of weather, ensuring that they remain intact and visually appealing for an extended period. The synthetic materials used in their construction make them resistant to issues such as rot, decay, and insect damage, providing homeowners with a low-maintenance and long-lasting roofing solution.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is a key feature of composite shake shingles, making them an ideal choice for various climates. Whether your home is subjected to intense sunlight, heavy rain, or snow, these shingles are designed to maintain their structural integrity and appearance. This resistance to the elements not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your roof but also contributes to the overall protection of your home.


In terms of customization, composite shake shingles offer a diverse range of options. Homeowners can choose from a variety of colors to match the style and color scheme of their residences. Additionally, these shingles come in various widths, allowing for further customization to achieve the desired architectural look for your home.

Opting for composite shake shingles is a strategic decision that combines the beauty of natural cedar shakes with the durability of modern materials. The meticulous design, weather resistance, and customization options make these shingles an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a roof that not only enhances the visual appeal of their home but also stands the test of time. Elevate your home with the timeless and resilient charm of composite shake shingles.